CPBM Structure



Provides an in-depth understanding of global capital markets and investment products, their risk and return concepts and valuation. With these building blocks, participants will be better equipped to understand the role of each in a diversified client portfolio. Case studies on the impact of financial market dislocations on these products will be examined with the objective that participants will learn to apply the knowledge using practical examples.

Topics include:

  • Overview of the Private Banking Landscape - Opportunities and Challenges
  • Fixed Income
  • Corporate Finance & Advisory
  • Real Estate & Property Investment / REITs
  • Equities
  • Exchange Traded Funds / Mutual Funds


The characteristics and challenges of alternative asset investments in hedge funds, private equity and commodities are carefully investigated in this module. Participants will also benefit from highly integrated practitioner-led sessions on options and derivatives in foreign exchange and structured products.

Topics include:

  • Private Equity
  • Commodities
  • Hedge Funds
  • Options & Structured Solutions
  • Derivatives - Foreign Exchange, Interest Rates & Credit
  • Case Study


Targets specialist knowledge in the area of portfolio management and construction. This comprehensive session on Investment Advisory equips participants with the know-how of constructing a client’s portfolio, from understanding their investment objectives to advising the client on asset allocation, portfolio risk management and performance measurement.

Topics include:
  • Alpha-Beta Separation in Portfolio Construction
  • Asset Allocation - Strategic versus Tactical
  • Security Selection and Investment Styles
  • The Process of Portfolio Management
  • Monitoring, Servicing and Communicating
  • Portfolio Measurement
  • Understanding Client’s Needs & Risk Appetite
  • Behavioural Finance
  • Case Study on Portfolio Construction


Covers international wealth planning with a unique focus on the Asian wealth landscape.

Topics include:
  • Wealth planning tools that help uncover a client’s succession, asset protection and philanthropic needs and other financial needs and goals
  • Trust and estate planning common and complex structures
  •  International tax concepts for wealth planners
  • Case Study

MODULE V – Family Governance

Understand family business governance and intergenerational wealth transfer. The challenges clients face in making crucial and difficult decisions will also be addressed.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the multinational nature of the family
  • ownership and family governance policies
  • Informing the younger generation regarding family wealth
  • Informal & formal family constitution
  • Leadership & decision making process
  • Dispute resolution

MODULE VI- Family Office

Provides an in-depth understanding of family office model and how it is different from traditional wealth management firms. This module will focus on the viability of family offices and will also cover critical areas of significance for family offices like recruitment, investments, governance, education, compliance and risk management.

Through the extensive use of case studies, participants will learn how various family offices have been established, the models they are following and the associated advantages & challenges.

This module will also cover transcripts from interviews of various prominent single and multi-family  offices.

Topics include:
  • Establishing  a Family Office
  • Family Office Management
  • Family Office Operations
  • Family Office Investments
  • Family Offices & Technology 
  • Family Office Governance
  • Indian Family Offices


Covers the critical skills required to acquire and build sustainable relationships. It is designed with the objective of achieving a clear understanding of what constitutes a successful client management strategy. The use of role plays and class simulations will be incorporated into the session to provide participants with the opportunities to practise what they have learnt in a risk free & interactive environment.

Topics include:
  • Framework for establishing rapport and techniques for enhancing trust with clients
  • Proven techniques for more effective negotiations, asking for referrals and advanced presentation skills
  • Developing an effective account plan
  • Strategies to managing the pipeline, identifying opportunities and expanding connections
  • Understanding the client segmentation
  • Adopting an entrepreneurial approach to building a client’s book
  • How to leverage on internal resources to help your clients
  • What constitutes a good account review
  • How do you perform ongoing due diligence 


Provides an ethical and practical approach to compliance and risk in light of heightened regulatory requirements that impact wealth managers. Through the extensive use of case studies, participants will learn the regulatory framework and regulations such as Anti Money

Laundering, Fair Dealing and Tax Offences. In addition, they will understand the different types of risks that can impact the wealth management business, and how such risks can be managed with renewed rigour in areas such as client suitability, enhanced due diligence in client on-boarding and taking a proactive approach to managing a client's credit risk and exposure. Participants will also be given a case study on Crisis Management with the objective of dealing effectively with a crisis and how to safeguard your clients and your business.

Topics include:
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Fair Dealing Guidelines
  • Anti-Money Laundering and the Counter Financing of Terrorism
  • Industry Trends Impacting Wealth Management
  • Understanding Risk Families in Wealth Management
  • Understanding and Managing Client Risk & Exposure


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