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The Certified Alternative Investment Manager (AIM)  is a globally recognized standard for professionals advising Alternative Investments.  AIM certification is jointly offered by the Association of International Wealth Management of India (AIWMI) & National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM).

Indian Association of Alternative Investment Funds (IAAIF) – a representative and advocacy body for the Alternative Investment industry in India is the Knowledge Partner for the AIM certification.  IAAIF has developed this certification based on rigorous academic research and on extensive discussions with Regulators, Industry Practitioners, Clients and prominent thought leaders. This certification addresses the need for qualified professionals in the context of the distinctive characteristics of different family offices and family businesses.

The purpose of this certification is to explore the world of alternative investments, such as hedge funds, private equity / venture capital funds, real estate, and commodities either directly or through funds of funds. The certification has been developed based on rigorous academic research and on extensive discussions with industry practitioners. The certification addresses the need for qualified professionals in the context of the distinctive characteristics of alternative investment  versus other financial products.

Over the past three decades, the alternative investments industry has become a critical component of the global financial system and world economy. Its impact on society can be seen across capital markets, in mainstream businesses and board rooms, and as part of the political discourse. Investors in alternatives now deploy trillions of dollars around the world, playing a critical role in supporting global capital markets, and redistributing risk.

In India, the Alternative Investments industry is increasingly getting on track to be a bigger force in the broader capital markets. Alternative investments are no longer just aimed at the super wealthy and institutional investors. An increasing number of clients across different segments are getting drawn to the significant benefits Alternative Investments can add to their portfolios by diversifying risk exposure away from traditional fixed income and equity assets.

The growing popularity of Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds and other Alternative Investments among investors make this an opportune time for the professionals handling this asset type to ramp up their understanding and command on this exciting asset class.

The quest to generate long-run returns in good times and also post gains during the bad ones has taken on greater urgency following the bear markets of 2007-09. Investors are desperate for something that will protect their portfolios the next time stocks sink. This search has led to a rising interest in alternative investments like real-estate shares, gold stocks and commodities, as well as mutual funds and exchange-traded funds that employ strategies usually associated with hedge funds.

While alternative investments were once an option for only institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals, alternatives have become more mainstream over the last few years. Today, many financial advisors are introducing average retail investors to a wide range of alternative asset strategies.

In this backdrop, the Certified Alternative Investment Manager (AIM) certification has been designed to weave together the best global expertise & national know-how through an intensive education program.
Several registered Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), global private banks, leading asset management firms, consultants, hedge funds, professional service firms today are endorsing Certified Alternative Investment Manager (AIM)  certification as the education program that is essential to success in alternative investments’ advisory.

Certification Outcomes:

On successful completion of this certification, participants will be equipped to: -

·         Understand fully the Alternative Investments space globally and more specifically in India.

·         Understand the respective role of all key stake holders in the Indian Alternative Investments industry.

·         Gain qualitative understanding of advisory practices, fund management experience, governance structures, and regulatory principles in the alternative investments space. 

Who Should Undertake This Certification?

The Certified Alternative Investment Manager (AIM) certification is designed for all alternative investment professionals.

How is the AIM Certification  Different?

·         The Certified Alternative Investment Manager (AIM) certification focuses specifically on alternative investment knowledge. AIWMI has designed this certification in collaboration with prominent thought leaders registered Alternative Investment Funds, (AIFs), investment experts and and wealth advisors. The self-study format makes it easier for you to continue working full time while you earn the designation. Employers know the AIM certification provides the skills needed in today's global, dynamic marketplace and that earning the AIM designation demonstrates the commitment to excellence required of today’s alternative investment professionals.

AIM Brochure

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