News Flash: AIWMI has entered in to a strategic partnership with National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) to jointly offer the prestigious Certified Credit Research Analyst (CCRATM) Certification in India.
Benefits to your Career

The content of the CCRA exam is prepared by CARE Ratings (a leading credit rating agency in India), ensuring that the course focuses specifically on Credit analysis knowledge, thus making it the most sought after exam for graduates and working professionals who aspire to a career in Credit Rating firms, Banking and Strategy.

Job opportunities: There is no other recognized certification that prepares you better, for employment in the field of bank loans, credit analysis, rating and strategy. CCRATM will open up these opportunities for you.

Practical Knowledge: CCRATM will help you deploy the most comprehensive suite of research, data and tools to analyze and monitor credit analysis on individual securities, companies and industries in the market.

One-on-one access to industry-leading analysts, briefings, webinars and teleconferences.

Access to In-depth reports that dissect the credit strengths and weaknesses of individual companies and transactions.

Market savvy: Learn how to analyze accurate, timely and comprehensive sets of data on company financials, industries and deal performance metrics.

Global Analytical Models: Get insights into risk models, to analyze, screen and monitor individual credits and portfolios.

Multiple perspectives from qualitative to quantitative and from market-based views to fundamental analysis - on the credit quality of your portfolio.

Benefits All: Even if you are looking to build your own credit research, rating and risk measurement system, CCRATM will help you with the necessary knowledge that embeds the deep expertise in credit analysis.

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