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Exam Syllabus

Level 1

Module 1:  Financial Statement Analysis

  • Introduction: Role of Financial Statements, Relevance of Notes,  Nuances of Accounting: Inventories, Depreciation, EPS, Intangible Assets, Ratio Analysis, Financial Modelling and Covenant Testing, Nuances of Leases, Hire Purchase, Pension Liabilities and Classification of Investments in Financial Assets, Red Flags, GAAP & IFRS – Similarities & Differences, Case Studies

Module 2:  Credit Specific Analysis – Banker’s and Analyst perspective

  • Liquidity Analysis, Stress Testing, Comparison: Sector versus Global, Liquidation Scenario and Event, M&A/LBO, Banker's Angle to Credit Analysis, Bank CMA Format and Credit Policy Formulation, Preparation of Credit Proposal and Credit Appraisal, Capital Budgeting Methods, Loan/Bond, Behavioral Aspects of Credit officer, Pre-sanction Methodologies and Analysis, Know your Customer (KYC) requirements, ESG Analysis for Loans/Bonds, Case studies

Module 3: Understanding of Loans and Bonds

  • Loan documentation,  Covenants analysis and Trends, Loan/Bond  Pricing, Spreads and Curves, Credit Default Swap (CDS), Seniority Ranking, Rich Cheap Analysis, Bond Valuation Measures Including, Swaps, OAS, YTW, YTM, Risk Mitigation using derivatives like  swaps, FRA, caps and floors, Forex Hedge, Case studies

Level 2 

Module 1: Credit Rating – Internal and External

  • Basics of Credit Rating, Credit Risk Management, 5C Credit Model, Analytical Framework For Credit Analysis, Industry Risk, Business Risk, Financial Risk, Dealing With Intricacies Of Credit Rating, Management Risk, Project Risk, Ratings Methodology For Manufacturing Companies, Ratings For Financial Institutions And Banks, Sovereign Ratings, Internal Rating models (Basel), and Case studies

Module 2: Credit Strategy and Portfolio Management

  • Understanding Yield Curves, Trading on Interest Rate Risks, Understanding Credit Spreads, Trading on Credit Spreads, Other Concepts on Credit Risk, Predicting the Market, Introduction to Distressed Debt, Understanding Systemic Risk, Credit Analysis in a Multi Asset Class portfolio, Trading Strategies for Emerging Markets and Case studies

Module 3: Credit Monitoring, NPA Management, Enhancement and Securitization

  • Credit Monitoring and Identification of Early Warning Signals, Credit Enhancement and Structures, Rating of Asset Backed and Mortgage Backed Securitization Transactions, Stressed Asset Management – Warning signs, Process and Monitoring for Recovery, CDR Mechanism, Pricing/ valuation of NPA’s and Asset backed/Mortgage backed Securities, Case studies

Module 4: Credit Risk Models and Regulations

  • CRA Regulations and Debt Guidelines, Credit Risk Models & Miscellaneous including Regression/Time series for interest rate modeling, Merton and other Model, and Case studies

Module 5: Understanding and analysis of Corporate Banking Facilities and other financing forms

  • Understanding Types of Corporate Banking Facilities, Assessment of Working Capital Finance, Analyze Treasuries and other corporate papers, Nuances of Credit Analysis from NBFC Perspective, Private Banking perspective, ARC Perspective, Priority Sector/Agri  Lending - Analysis and Peculiarities, Analysis for Loan against property, Analysis for Loan against Securities, Other Common Financing structures, Consortium lending, Green bonds, Case studies

The Books/Curriculum (Hard copy or E-books) are part of your registration fees. The Books are published by Taxmann Publications (Level 1, Level 2) and the E-book are powered by Vitalsource Bookshelf (Level 1, Level 2 ) and can be accessed on PC/Mobile devices.

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CCRA Brochure

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