Achieving CIIA

Your Mark of Superior Knowledge and Skill

The attainment of CIIA® provides you with the recognition of a superior standard of applied common knowledge that is essential for working in domestic and international investment markets.

To be awarded the CIIA candidates must:

  • pass two levels of common knowledge exams and national / regional exams
  • be a member of a participating national / regional society
  • have three years experience working in the domain of financial analysis, portfolio management and/or investment in general

National / regional societies

The role of each national / regional society is to:

  • admit candidates into the exams
  • arrange and supervise the exams
  • offer the national / regional exams
  • respond to enquiries from candidates
  • provide or arrange training programs for candidates
  • seek accreditation of national programs so that graduates may proceed directly to the final international exams

Applications and enrolments

To receive an Enrolment pack, please contact your local national / regional society.

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