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Wealth management is one of the fastest growing areas within the financial services industry. It is vital that firms working in this arena develop their staff, enabling them to deliver the excellent client service that wealthy individuals demand.

The (International) Certificate in Wealth Management meets the needs of those firms who want to ensure that their staffs are able to provide high-quality advice. The qualification will ensure that wealth managers and advisers understand the range of assets and investment products that are available in the market. It will equip them to provide financial advice and find appropriate solutions to meet the investment, retirement, protection and estate and tax planning needs of their clients.

Benefits for firms:

  • Equips staff with the skills needed to advise clients
  • Increases advisers’ confidence, resulting in better advice
  • Demonstrates to clients that staff are competent to advise
  • Results in fewer complaints and more satisfied clients
  • Ensures firms stand out from less well trained Competitors

Benefits for Professionals:

  • Increases product knowledge and
  • confidence in providing advice
  • Improves client relationships
  • Assists career progression
  • Recognized in financial centres throughout the world



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