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The world of wealth today is far different than it was a few generations ago. And it is different because the way we live is different.

We are global beings. Our roots are everywhere. And we are mobile to an extent never before seen, at home in different countries, with business interests spread across the map, and children educated at schools around the world.

This is global wealth, and global wealth management demands  professional sensibility and expertise which are finely tuned to the nuances of 21st- century internationalism.

This section  looks at trends that affect high net worth individuals (HNWIs) around the globe and thus the wealth management professionals dealing with them.


AIWMI publishes articles that address timely personal finance topics.

Research Papers

AIWMI will be partnering with various educational & professional institutions to publish research papers in the areas of wealth management.


AIWMI provides updates and reviews on the latest books on Wealth management and related topics.


Watch these videos presented by various professionals/ institutions from around the world to learn more about Wealth Management.

AIWMI will shortly start offering customized Coaching for professionals to help them cultivate a successful Wealth Management practice. Our customized coaching programs deals with various aspects of practice management. Coaching will be available both on an individual and group basis.


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